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Hello lone wolf! Welcome to the Winter Peak roleplay site. I'm Jackaal, leader and one of the alphas of Sakura Tribe. We are a community of active wolf roleplay, feel free to take a look at the forums and learn about us! I hope you will join in the future!
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General Rules

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General Rules

Post by Jackaal on Sat Jul 16, 2016 11:03 am

1. Be an active member. If you are inactive your account will be blocked. If you really need to be inactive for a while, go to your profile and change "EFA" to 'on' and below in "EFA Justifications" talk about the reason.
2. Report where possible the staff in case of doubts and EFA not provided.
3. Control your words, speak necessary and be a respectful person.
4. Do not hurt others with offensive words.
5. Remember to be mature. Keep your critics to you and be respectful to everyone.
6. Do not spam! If you do a post, includes at least 4 words on it. If you are doing a topic, includes at least 3 sentences on it.
7. Do not double post! If you have something else to add, edit your previous post.
8. In roleplay do not godmodding, powerplay, Mary Sue/Gary Sue etc.. and keep all PG-13.

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