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Hello lone wolf! Welcome to the Winter Peak roleplay site. I'm Jackaal, leader and one of the alphas of Sakura Tribe. We are a community of active wolf roleplay, feel free to take a look at the forums and learn about us! I hope you will join in the future!
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Tribe Ranks

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Tribe Ranks Empty Tribe Ranks

Post by Jackaal on Sat Jul 16, 2016 10:50 am

-Not Available Ranks-
>> Alphas <<
Are the leaders of the pack
>> Betas <<
Are the seconds in command, they advise alphas when necessary
>> Deltas <<
Are counselors and guides for pack members or for newcomers
>> Omegas <<
Renegade wolves of the pack

-Available Ranks-
>> Hunters <<
Provide food for pack members
>> Guardians <<
Protect pack members and go on daily patrols
>> Healers <<
Care of injured or sick pack members
>> Yearlings <<
Wolves with 1 to 2 years old
>> Pups <<
Wolves with 1 month to 1 year old

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